How Apex Decisions works
  • “Science as a Service”decision software
  • Breakthrough approach that rapidly clusters and segments very large numeric and non-numeric data sets (1+ million data series with 52 attributes) with accuracy
  • Data-mines integrated datasets of transaction and contextual “big data”
  • Maps customers in real time (less than 100ms) to segmentation driven marketing decisions
  • Drives personalized marketing offers and product displays to increase engagement and conversion

We believe that fundamentally each individual follows a set behavior pattern when making purchasing decisions, except that there are contextual circumstances that affect how that decision finally plays out at the point of purchase. Apex science has the ability to pattern the differences between shoppers and predict their preferences across products and marketing offers in real-time.. This ability to make highly granular decisions is very valuable for companies who want to make decisions about what promotional offers or products to offer, when to offer them, what style/color to feature or the quantum of promotion to offer to drive conversion and engagement.

The beauty of our approach is that despite the scarcity of data about an individual, Apex can map individuals to various pattern trees and generate reliable statistical predictions that can help companies make better decisions for each individual given the current context.

Apex has created a platform for extracting patterns from transaction data and contextual information like time of the transaction, channel and device of transaction, day of week, work day or holiday, or special event, etc. When individual customers are mapped to these patterns, a Customer DNA is created that can be used to predict their behavior given a certain stimulus or context.

We are also able to measure the uncertainty in each pattern and each attribute. We need to continuously monitor the mapping of the individuals, the individual will move around in the pattern tree for some attributes. The science detects all the attributes that are important in influencing the decisions and the impact of the attribute on the decision choice. This process is carried out offline and automatically.

When real time decisions are needed, the visitors and their current contexts are mapped to various decision choices, based on any number of significant attributes, each decision taking less than 1 millisecond on a desktop.

Apex has pioneered engines that can translate a huge amount of sparse data points, such as the visitors log for millions of visitors with very few transactions for each visitor, into actionable decisions in real time.

Apex Approach