Apex guarantees at least an additional 8% in Renewal Revenue for subscription pricing optimization.

Optimize Pricing to Grow Subscription Revenue

For subscription-based business, Apex Decisions offers Pricing Optimization using historical data to provide individualized pricing which increases revenues. Unique to the industry, Apex provides guaranteed benefits through building deep machine learning models using non-linear statistical modeling.

Product revenue managers, you may be struggling with these challenges:

  • Stagnant sales due to inability to raise prices.
  • Weak or even negative growth in subscribers.

If you meet these criteria, price elasticity modeling at a subscriber level may have a giant impact on your growth:

  • Subscription based business with more than Five Thousand subscribers
  • Five years of sales history
  • A flexible pricing model that allows for individual rates and discounts for each subscriber

Does this sound like your business? Don’t wait to learn how Apex can apply scientifically proven modeling to guarantee an 8% increase in revenues.

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Pricing optimization is a breakthrough science that uses a variety of metrics surrounding consumer engagement, inherent product value, market share, and transaction history to develop a pricing model. The pricing models work better as we have more data as all Apex models are statistical in nature. We do need a minimum amount of transactions for our models to be successful.

Margaret de Luna COO and President of TheStreet points to Apex Decisions as a key player in propelling media company TheStreet towards unprecedented success. In her August 13th article, de Luna proudly announced that TheStreet has been acquired by group media network theMaven, Inc––a deal which may not have even been possible a few short years ago.

Brought on in April 2016, de Luna inherited a mostly subscription-based company whose renewal business was in deep decline. However, she quickly set to work on a plan to overhaul TheStreet’s recurring subscription revenue stream systems.

Part of her winning strategy? To implement a new pricing optimization model with the help of Apex Decisions. Within months, average prices and renewal rates were on the rise.

“We used data science to build a predictive pricing model that increased renewal rates and average renewal price,” de Luna wrote, adding that TheStreet was able to grow––and, ultimately, sell––because it adopted the right science to make the company “smarter and more dynamic.”

You can read de Luna’s entire article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/culture-key-how-my-team-i-brought-thestreet-back-margaret-de-luna/

Apex delivers guaranteed value by measuring the impact of the model in a live pilot using A/B testing methodology. The test is conducted after agreeing to a performance metric that can be objectively measured. Once confidence has been developed in the models through actual performance in the live A/B test, the scope can increase, and clients can start reaping larger rewards.

Due to the scientific approach applied, and years of testing and development of this process, Apex guarantees at least 8% revenue growth for business that meet the basic criteria outlined above.

Product revenue managers imagine the potential for your subscription product with this kind of bump in sales.

Don’t wait to find out if this proven model might work for your business.

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