Our Clients


“...our financials demonstrated a 4.9% improvement in dollar sales while achieving a 28.9% improvement in gross margins...”

Roger Spatz, CFO at VF Outlet

“Apex Decisions, Inc. was very readily able to account for all of our business rules, practices and operational constraints...the whole effort required us to spend very little time”

Kevin Goeltz, Division Merchandise Manager, VF Outlet

“There are very few strategic initiatives that have the potential of the financial impact that the solution from Apex Decisions provides”

Ken Mandelbaum, Chairman, Big M

“We found Apex to be very flexible and responsive to Big M’s specific business needs and requirements”

Frank Zarrello,
Director of Distribution and Planning, Big M

“We found Apex Decisions to be very responsive to Charlotte Russe’s special business needs and requirements. Apex’s service model further permitted us to maintain a very agile IT infrastructure”
“Apex delivered a very tangible financial impact on our sales and gross margin during our pilot”

Ed Wong, EVP Chief Supply Chain Officer at Charlotte Russe

“We are expecting to add another $20 Million in additional gross margin dollars by implementing the markdown solution in the Retail stores...the results of the pilot have been very encouraging”

Carlos Alberini, President and COO, Guess

“Apex has been extremely flexible in folding in our highly specific business rules and practices into their solution... delighted by their problem-solving attitude and flexibility making the solution work...without requiring a lot of our resources”

Mike Relich, EVP, CIO, Guess